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Digital Marketing Experts

Chiranjeevi Maddala
Director - Digital Marketing
Chiranjeevi is the Founder and Director of SWEET. Prior to SWEET he served as a Business Analyst for a consulting firm for over a decade.
Srinivasa Vemula
Director - Technology, Big Data Analytics
Srinivasa Vemula is our advisor and he is the founder of i5 DataCloud, specialists in Social CRM and Big Data Predictive Analytics Consulting.
DS Giri
Independent Advisor: Product Development
Mr. Giri is a Business Intelligence Consultant and a 15 year veteran of the e-commerce space and software development.
Kusheet Kukreja
Consultant Content Writer
Kushneet writes for various websites and news papers. She works with us as a consultant writer. She is also a fashion entrepreneur!
Syed Hashim Tabish
Senior Web Developer (Drupal)
Hashim is the one who built our new website in Drupal. His speed in working with UI development sometimes makes us wonder. He is the young and energetic guy on the board!
Kalyan Krishna Battula
Consultant Mobile Strategist
Kalyan Krishna Battula is graduated from London with a Master's degree in Mobile Communications.
Abhishek S
Consultant Writer
Abhishek is a graduate in Mass Communication and Journalism. He is a copywriter by profession.
Sai Sundeep
Web Developer (Drupal)
Sundeep is our young and energetic trainee, who is super fast in learning UI development. He is on Facebook whenever he is not working on the UI.
Srinivas Sainath
Web Developer (Drupal)
Sainath is the silent killer! He is fast in understanding new things and stands first in the competition.
Kritika Ponia
Consultant Content Writer
An enthusiastic writer, entrepreneur, consultant, and mentor, with a special love for animals and candy, Kritika Ponia has come a long way in a short span of time.
Mark David
Content Director
His think tank incessantly brews up early every morning as the tea gets brewed, while a thousand worms all inside his grey cells emit a thousand expression...
Vijay Prakash Reddy
Web Developer (Drupal)
Vijay Prakash has excellent analytical skills and he gives tough competition to Sai Nath.
Anudeep Varam
Digital Marketer
Anudeep is a passionate digital marketing professional.
Kumar Raju
Web Developer (Drupal)
Kumar Raju is a dynamic guy and plays with UI elements