10 Tips to Boost Search Engine Rankings

by | Apr 12, 2018 | blog | 0 comments

The world has changed considerably since the introduction of the World Wide Web. The websites have replaced the general stores and the blogs have become the instant gateway to knowledge. Hence, it is regardless to say there is a new trend among the people to make their mark in the realm of World Wide Web. But to distinguish yourself from others and to attract the online audience to your website, your website must have good search engine rankings. Or in short, your website must have to be SEO optimised.

What occurs to your mind when you hear the word SEO? Does your mind automatically tell you about the keywords? But SEO engulfs a lot more than just stuffing your web content with keywords. Actually, this is a common mistake that people make! Most of the people think that stuffing their content with well-researched keywords will help them to acquire good rankings in the search engine results pages. But that is not true! Although, the keywords are important for SEO but it is not the most important thing to do. So, what do you need to do to boost your search engine rank? Let’s find out:

Write Compelling Content

Does it sound little cheesy? However, it is true! Content is the most important thing when it comes to acquiring good search engine rankings. Previously, content was not so important and it was mostly overlooked by the bloggers. But with the latest Google Algorithm update, Google has made the content most important thing in determining the search engine ranking. Google has made it necessary for the content to be unique and of good quality. So, anyone using the spinner articles can be penalised by Google. Plus, your content must have a moderate length. That is, your content must be of at least 300 words to become SEO friendly.

Make Your Content Readable

Yes! Readability is an important factor when it comes to good search engine rankings. But what is readability? Readability determines how easily can an article be read and understood. Your content must have a good readability in order to get good search engine results. But how can you ensure good readability? Well, there are few things that you need to take care of. Your content must have- 10% or less passive sentences; more than 30% transition words and 20% or less long sentences. Plus, the paragraphs must not be too long! You can also take the Flesch Reading Ease test to check the readability of your content.

Don’t Forget to Optimise Your Images

It is well known that using images in the content boost the SEO rankings greatly. Images make your content more attractive and make it more appealing to your audience. Using good quality images help in increasing the conversion rate and help your audience to put their faith in you which in turn affect your SEO rankings greatly. You can also make the images more relevant to your content as well as to the search engines by adding ALT attributes using the keywords.

Add Relevant Keywords

Of course, the keywords must be added to the content to make it more appealing to the search engine. The keywords are certain phrases or words that people use to search anything they need in the search engines. So, your content will be shown at the top of the search engine results when those keywords that you have added o your content are searched on the search engines. But the keyword density must not exceed 2% as it can be considered as spam by the Google algorithm.

Use Attractive Headings

None of us likes to read a passage of texts without any breaks or headings. The absence of header tags makes the content very boring and decreases your traffic. And that is very bad for your SEO! So use proper header tags by using keywords. It will add more relevance to the content and the content will be uniformly divided into small interesting parts. Hence, you will be able to boost your SEO rankings!

Supply All Required Meta Data

Specifying a proper meta-title and meta-description is important for obtaining a good ranking in the search engine results. But what are meta title and description? Well, when you search something on a search engine; the title that appears on the result and the small snippet that is showcased below the title are what you are looking for. Specify a proper meta-title and do not forget to use the keyword in it. Secondly, add a meta-description and again use the keyword in it. Here, one thing that you should keep in mind that the description must not exceed 150 characters in order to be effective.

Take Care of Links

If you are looking for a way to boost your search engine rankings then you should never forget to use the interlinking or back-linking intelligently. The interlinking helps in increasing the conversion rates and also helps to keep your audience on your website. In return, it helps in increasing the SEO rankings greatly. Hence, link your pages or posts carefully to enjoy good ranking in the search engine results. But there is one little thing that you must know; do not link two posts having the same keywords on their slug as it may hamper your SEO ranking.

Keep the URL(Slug) Relevant

The slug or the link plays an important role when it comes to making your post SEO optimised. Slug is the link that the people see. So, if it becomes too long then it can actually reduce your organic traffic since it is something highly despised by the Google algorithm. Plus, you must not use any stop word in the slug to keep it SEO friendly.

Optimize for Greater Mobile Experience

The young generation of today spend most of their times on their mobile and they use their mobile devices to use the internet. Hence, mobile optimisation has become highly important for every website! And Google has clearly stated to penalise the sites which will fail to optimise their websites for the mobile devices. So, if you want to acquire good ranking in the search engine results then the mobile optimisation is a must.

Get Rid of the Broken Links

Nobody likes to get to a “404 Error” page after clicking on a link. Moreover, it indicates that your site is neglected and not updated properly with time! So, if your website has too many broken links then it will be easily neglected by the search engines and your rankings will suffer badly. Thus, get rid of the broken links in your page and enjoy good rankings. You can use tools like Screaming Frog and Xenu to check for broken links and correct them.

Search Engine Optimisation is a lot more complex process than it sounds! It is not just keyword stuffing rather it needs proper planning, execution and precision. There is a myriad of ways in which you can make your website SEO optimised. But the ones listed above will always be the best ones to help you secure good ranking in a search engine result page.