Are You Linked Enough? Tips On What All You Can Do On LinkedIn

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When I work with a client on developing a social media/networking strategy we focus on three of the available networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Out of the three LinkedIn is still the one that provides the most opportunity for small businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages LinkedIn offers:

An Impressive Membership

  • 50% are college graduate (another 30% have attended college)
  • 50%+ are decision makers in their companies

If you’re looking for a financially qualified prospect you’ve come to the right place.

Expand and Enhance Your Networking

Networking has been a staple for most business people throughout the years. LinkedIn doesn’t replace face-to-face networking but it can enhance it. Once you walk out of a meeting you are able to connect the person instantly to build a connection and to keep in touch. It is a great way to pursue business to your potential clients.

Identify Prospects or Potential Employees

Most businesses rely on sales people to develop new prospects. The difference between a failing business and a successful one is often the ability to find and develop new prospects. LinkedIn allows you to search for members that fit specific criteria. Looking to fill a business development position with software sales experience in Denver, you can identify individuals to target. Once you identify the individual that you are looking for you have access to their profile. You can learn a lot by reading a person’s profile and have an idea of how your interview should proceed. Now you can learn a lot before you even meet.

See How You Connect Into an Opportunity

Having the ability to conduct research on a prospect is important. Being able to identify how you connect to an opportunity is even more valuable. When you look at a person that is a 2nd or 3rd degree connection LinkedIn shows you the people that connect you to the person. It’s no longer about whom you know; but who do the people you know, know! You can also choose to connect directly to the prospect or potential employee establishing the beginning of a relationship.

You also have the ability to join up to 50 groups. Groups on LinkedIn are usually created based on a single factor that the group members have in common. It could be an industry, a geographic location, a concept, an alumni group, or based on current or former employees of a company. You can leverage memberships in groups to identify and connect to prospects.

Identify Companies and Employees

Since introducing their Companies section LinkedIn has continued to make changes to add value. These profiles offer a great resource to identify potential prospects. You can learn a lot about a company reviewing their profile including seeing a list of employees that have LinkedIn profiles. This allows you to identify employees that you can connect to in order to network your way up the ladder to gain access to decision makers.

Communicate Your Message in a Cost Efficient Manner

Over 90% of the people on LinkedIn utilize a free account. With their account they can contact their direct connections or fellow members directly, they can communicate a message through the “Status Update” feature, they can poll their connections, engage in discussion conversations in groups, and post press releases or news articles in groups. All done at no cost.

Company Page on Linkedin

LinkedIn introduced the new tool that has been highly beneficial for most small businesses ; the Company page. LinkedIn now allows you to create and maintain a public company page where by you can post anything on the page for any inquiries with a specific company or you can even follow the posts constantly of the company to know whats been happening lately there.

This is great to know but how do you do all this successfully?

Make Your Profile Count

First impressions go a long way in the business world and the same is true for the world of LinkedIn too. So, take time to create a compelling and professional profile that truly speaks to your business. Your LinkedIn profile is the first thing visitors see when they land on your page, so don’t waste a golden opportunity to impress.

In addition, LinkedIn and SEO are essentially online business partners, which makes your profile that much more important. Why? Because LinkedIn is highly search engine optimized, so every time someone searches you or your LinkedIn business page, your profile is the first thing they see in the search results.

Get Your Heading and Title Right

If you don’t represent yourself in the most straightforward way possible, your business is going to have trouble growing. LinkedIn puts a lot of emphasis on your professional heading and title, so make sure the two elements work together to represent you and your business aspirations in the most complimentary way.

In other words, skip the fancy corporate jargon and let visitors know exactly what it is you do. If you’re a digital marketing consultant, that’s all you have to say in the heading. Elaboration is fine and perfectly acceptable in the title, which is where you’ll tell others you’re also a social media expert and small business marketer.

Recommendations Go a Long Way

Not only do recommendations prove to others that your business is a reputable one, they also directly help your LinkedIn presence grow. And, the best way to gather a strong backing of recommendations is to simply ask for them. But, with asking comes some technique, common sense, and a little LinkedIn business etiquette.

For recommendations, make sure you tailor your recommendation request to each person specifically and don’t ask for requests from LinkedIn subscribers that can’t directly speak to your work ethic. Likewise, recommending others in return is a great way to keep the mutually beneficial business cycle that’s LinkedIn going.

Make Worthwhile Connections

Making connections for connection sake will get you nowhere fast in the LinkedIn business world, so try to make business connections that count. LinkedIn includes a “People You May Already Know” tool that’s great for making meaningful connections, but use it sparingly and do a little research on your own.

Likewise, it’s important to keep up with the LinkedIn contacts you already have by updating your contact page and consistently updating your business page as well. Once your LinkedIn connections increase, you’ll have to search for laptop deals because your business will grow so fast you’ll need computers for all your new employees.

Get Your Employees Involved

Speaking of new employees, getting your business’s employees involved with LinkedIn is an effective way for your company to grow. Not only does it show the LinkedIn business world that your company is legitimate and successful, it also increases the exposure of your business.

Just keep in mind that your employees should follow the same profile protocol as your business itself. Make sure the titles; headings, and even profile pictures of your employees speak to the caliber of your business. And, while you’re at it, encourage employees to make their own connections to better everyone’s LinkedIn presence.

Join and Create Groups

Although LinkedIn is for the business-minded world, within LinkedIn are specific business groups for certain areas of focus within the business arena. And, joining a LinkedIn group is an effective way to build your business and its authority by making relevant, thought-provoking comments on discussion postings.

Likewise, taking the time to create your own business group will skyrocket your LinkedIn presence. Not only does it give your business the opportunity to start relevant discussions on topics important to your brand, it gives other like-minded connections the opportunity to join a specific business group that might otherwise not exist.

Create a Top-Notch Company Page

Google indexes company pages, which means your page becomes a tool for strengthening your company’s rank in organic search results. The results will also display the first 156 characters of your company description, so be sure to lead with the most important information. Create a brand with your company page by showcasing all your products/services and al the latest news within your firm so people can feel personally connected to you on a day-to-day basis.

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