Content Marketing – How to Sell Online with Content

by | Apr 11, 2018 | blog | 0 comments

The most important thing to keep in mind before starting off is that Content Marketing does not concentrate on selling, but to create leads and build customer loyalty. Any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content (may be in the form of news, videos, pictures, infographics, ebooks etc) with the main aim of acquiring customers is called Content Marketing. Keeping your target audience and visitors happy and engaged is your ultimate goal. Supplying them with the answers to their gnawing questions will be how you win them over.

Using innovation in the content to convey trust to customers, increase search engine visibility and set your company apart from the rest in the market is required. The below pointers will aid you in choosing the right writers, strategizing better and marketing like a pro.

Study the Market

Designing a simple questionnaire with your content marketing agency or team to analyze the competitors and your own company is required to know where you stand in the market. Do pay attention to any consumer feedback on your competitor’s websites & pages. Offering a giveaway or discount coupon for every completed feedback for your company is a good way to ensure maximum participation by consumers.

Outline Your Goals

Once your competitor and self analysis is complete, pinpoint your main goals regarding which products to sell and if there are any additional products that you want to include. Proper understanding of the end results by the marketing team is essential for an effective approach. A metric system to measure conversions by counting Facebook likes, newsletter sign-ups, Twitter followers and similar can be used.

Coordination Between Platforms

Collaboration and coordination between the various platforms your company is using, is the key to effective selling through content marketing. For example, there has to be a connection between the posts on your website, on your Twitter page and your Facebook page. Disconnected posts with unmatched timings will not be received well by customers. Utilize harmony and synchronization to the maximum benefit.

Establish Content Guidelines

Typography, file sizes, design layouts, dimensions of images etc need to be set into fixed guidelines to avoid deviating from the main focus of the content and reach with an appealing layout. Content marketing requires consistency in voice, tone, publishing frequency and quality of content to be effective. The more good content you post, the better; but be sure in the quality of your content and this can be ensured by employing the right people.

Be Distinct

No matter how big or small your company is, establishing a distinct image in the minds of the customers is important. Your story needs to be unique, clear-cut and form the connection with your customers. Involving them to share their stories through comments or blogs is an excellent way to add that personal touch.

On analyzing your competitors and your own company, you will gain insight into the current position of your company. By employing a good content marketing team, thinking out of the box, maintaining consistency and freshness in your content, you and your company will definitely reach greater heights.