When I was thinking about how to categorize all the activities of the digital marketing process, this thought came into my mind.

Create, Attract and Convert!

Brands need to create their presence online well, attract people towards it through various digital channels, and when people arrive they should be converted into subscribers or customers. This is not a new discovery but certainly organizing and managing the activities can make the process simple and give you control over it. Let’s look at each of these phases little closer.


Create an attractive, simple and usable website. Keep in mind that you are not creating your website for yourself but your target customers. When you are creating your website, consider creating personas of your target customers. Those persons will guide your design process. I suggest developing the model of your website first then jumping on to the design. In case somebody else is helping you with the design process, ask them to present you the wireframe model of your future website along with a sitemap (a mindmap would do) to see how the website is going to be like. You can share that model with your friends/customers and take their feedback and the same can be implemented in the design process.

Next important thing is planning and organizing your content into relevant categories. Just remember that when your website goes live, it has to be found by your prospects through search engines. So, take time and do a research for the potential keywords your prospects might be using. Check them with the keyword research tools like Google Keyword tool and find out what phrases people are using and then prepare your content using those keywords. Make sure to make your website rich with content. According to me, that’s the best way to optimize your website for search engines than following any cheap tricks.

When the website has been coded, make sure to check it with the W3C validators to make sure that your site does not have errors. And when you launch the website, make sure that all your links are working well.


This is the most important phase of your digital marketing process. Just hosting website doesn’t help you much meet your marketing objectives. It’s like opening a very nice shop and asking the people to find it without telling where it is.

Imagine all the possibilities to attract your prospects to your website. Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Paid Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing – You have many possibilities to attract people to your website now. All you need to do is create understand is how each of them functions and accordingly plan your activities. Most of them you can do on your own or consult a professional digital marketing agency which does all these things (like us). When you are going with a professional agency, make sure that they have a right set of people who can carry out your digital marketing process and show you the results from time to time. Most importantly make sure that they have a clear process established and they have a nice track record. When prospects are coming to your website you have achieved your first part of the goal. Making them do the required task is your second part of the goal of achieving expected results through your website. That is the most important and the exciting phase.


Getting people on to your website is not the end of the story. When you check your analytics reports, you will come to know about that. Unless they are reaching your destination page, where the sale/subscription happens, you will not reach your objective. This is where you need to think beyond and look out for the reason why the conversion is not happening and prepare to make the changes. I would say that this is not a quick job and you need to test the conversion capabilities of your pages/navigation system by experimenting continuously till you reach your objectives. Again, if this is not your core function, I suggest taking help of a professional or an agency to analyze the issues in your website’s conversion ratio and get it increased. Sometimes it could be because of lack of the proper message on the websites, improper navigation, poor design or some other unknown reasons.

That’s the end of the story and when you are successful with all the above steps, you are already making a lot out of your website.