How to Discover Your Real Estate Buyer Personas?

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Working in real estate, you have likely found that you are the best fit at helping a particular type of customer. You will learn quickly about real estate buyer personas that you can’t be the perfect real estate agent to all buyers and sellers in the world, but you are the perfect agent for certain types of people.

A persona is a fictional person you invent to represent a group of customers who all share common attributes. This lets you group your customers into segments, each represented by a persona. For example, if many of your customers are single men in their thirties, you might create a persona who represents this group.

These people represent your buyer personas. These personas are defined by their demographics, location, communication preferences, and values. Tapping into these personas and better marketing to them can save you time and money, and take your business to the next level.

Why Do Real Estate Buyer Personas Matter?

Identifying these real estate buyer personas is essential to creating the most effective marketing strategy. Once you have nailed down the types of clients that you can provide the best service to, you can create a real estate lead generation strategy that caters to them. Buyer personas help you determine what type of content you need, and the best quality and style to deliver it.

For example, you may work best with first-time homebuyers in their 20s from a particular neighborhood. If you’re spending money on direct mailers, this may not be the best way to reach them. They likely do research online and through social media. Focus your marketing efforts on sharing helpful content on the home buying process through these channels to reach that real estate buyer personas.

  • For targeting: Buyer personas help you recognize the people who will profit most from your services, and who are most suitable to buy.
  • For pitching: Buyer personas help you recognize the goals and difficulties of each of these top buyers so you can work out where and how to pitch your services. They let you produce related and attractive content that meets their needs and lifestyle.
  • For creating focus: Buyer personas let you focus on the main group of likely buyers, rather than trying to please everybody. You will be able to nurture people who have a higher tendency to convert.
  • For lead nurturing: Buyer personas let you to segment marketing communications so you can deliberately devote effort, time, and money to leads established on where they are in the sales cycle.

How Do I Find Real Estate Buyer Personas?

The procedure for discovering your real estate buyer personas is very simple, but need some thought and examination of your consumers, the goal is to create a few main personas that signify the groups you want to target.

Take a look at your previous clients. What neighborhoods are most prevalent? What types of homes or features are most common? What type of communication did they prefer? What were they most concerned about? Take the most common information, and create a buyer persona out of it. Examining clients who have provided testimonials is a great place to start. Your happiest clients likely fit one of your personas.

Some methods you can describe and narrow your personas:

Source Information for Your Real Estate Buyer Personas Creation

The best way to start developing buyer personas is to review the customers with whom you’ve had past successes. Take out a random sampling of customers, or choose your last five to ten customers. But, make sure to pull a mix of closed customers, current customers, and leads who made it through several stages of the sales process, even if they didn’t close a deal. It’s also important that these are customers with whom you have a good relationship. You may need to contact them for information, so pick individuals who would willingly give you honest feedback.

Give Each ‘Persona’ a Personality

Take the sample customers you’ve chosen and funnel them into 3 to 5 main customer personas. Why so few? You should really focus on a few buyer personas you can really sell to, rather than trying to please everyone. Really improve on what makes these groups different from one another, and that will help determine the segments. The key is to start broad and simplify, a lot.

You’ll want to fill out your real estate buyer personas with better detail. For each type of consumer, define the following:

  • Name: How would you describe this customer in one, all-encompassing word? Many use an adjective that describes their lead, like ‘Relocating Raju.’
  • Face: Sometimes predicting what a persona looks like helps to improve the experience. This is where a Google image search or hunting for stock photography can assist. Pick a photo that reminds you of the persona you’re defining.
  • Demographics: Remember that you’re dealing here with only high-level overviews. There will be time while creating your content strategy that you’ll have an opportunity to dive into the difficult identities of each subcategory of a persona, but for now, just stick to basic characteristics. Where are they from, how much do they normally spend, how large are their families, and how much home-owning experience do they have?
  • Story: Go beyond demographics by concentrating on qualities: What does this customer’s day-to-day schedule look like? What is each’s short-term and long-term goals? What do they read? What are their general lifestyle preferences?

This is where you may need to do some outreach. If you don’t know enough about your customers to generate a comprehensive real estate buyer personas, give them a call or send an email.

Define Real Estate Buyer Personas Needs and Objectives

Frequently, with what we say and what communications and content we produce, we start from a place of expertise and write from our own perspectives. But what makes strong content is understanding and connecting with a customer’s goals and objectives.

Think about the things your customers want and enjoy. Is this persona hoping to make a major lifestyle change by moving into your high-value region, or are they hoping for a small-town feel and lots of space? Are they looking for a home they can grow with or one that will act as a starter? How can they get the best return on their property, or how can they increase the value of their property in the least amount of time? Since personas’ needs first allow you to put them at the pole position of your marketing.

Recognize Real Estate Buyer Personas Problems and Challenges

Real estate consumers are great because they are often much spoken about what they don’t like. They’re maybe most willing to communicate their dissatisfaction with their present situations or what their deal-breakers are for their future property. This is great news for you: It gives you a preview of their problems and challenges ahead of time.

Brainstorm what these issues are with questions like these: What about their previous experience do they want to change? What are they hoping to avoid? What are they asking for specifically — are these preferences or non-negotiables? What are some negative things this customer typically says?

Generate Marketing Content for Your Real Estate Buyer Personas

You know what your buyer personas look like and sound like, what they are concerned about, and what they dislike. Now that you have a sense of who you’ll be involved with, it’s time to brainstorm what you’ll actually offer your personas.

Whether you’re creating articles, ebooks, advertising copy, email newsletters, website copy, calls to action, or social media posts, always think through how it fills a persona’s needs. And for every piece of marketing you make, you must consider how it both delivers on goals and solves problems. If it does not do both, then it’s not presentable for your targeted real estate buyer personas.


Male or Female? Age? Occupation?

Income? The size of Family?

Male. 25-35. Single. Single income 30-50k.

Works in business field: Accounting, Finance or



City? Neighborhood?

Madhapur or

Hitech City,

Hyderabad, Telangana


Preferred means of communication?

The amount of communication preferred?

Prefers e-mail in the day and text messages after working hours. Wishes to stay in constant contact and likes to be informed of any changes in the buying process.

Style of home preferred? The ideal size of home?

Prefers a traditional home with contemporary features and amenities. Larger closets and kitchen spaces are a plus. Low-maintenance spaces like apartments are also preferred.

What are their biggest concerns in a home?

(Price, quality of schools, neighborhood, etc.)

Concerned primarily with the social opportunities in the area. Good restaurants and quality places to shop are important. Also concerned with the safety of an area or building.

How would you sell yourself to them?

Focus on sharing information about living in the business area, such as restaurants and shops to show you’re the local expert. Video testimonials from past buyers in the area.




Male or Female? Age? Occupation?

Income? The size of Family?

Married couple. 45-60. Retired with a large income.

Children have grown up and left the home.


City? Neighborhood?

Selling a home on a golf course. Tarnaka, Hyderabad, Telangana.

Preferred means of communication?

The amount of communication preferred?

Phone calls. Prefers to be kept in the ring, but only during reasonable hours.

No late night texts.


What qualities do they value in an agent?

Value an agent with extensive experience and good communication.

What are their biggest concerns in an agent?

What are they worried about?

Concerned that an agent will undervalue their home. Since they have not sold a home in years, they are not familiar with the selling process and will need guidance.

How would you sell yourself to them?

Over 20 years of experience in Tarnaka, Hyderabad, specializing in luxury homes in golf communities. Video testimonials of clients in golf communities.

By inspecting the information you’ve determined through your buyer personas, you can start aiming your marketing to your ideal customer.

Here are few things to consider:

  • Locations – Come up with some content ideas related to those neighborhoods and areas. Write and share relevant content through your blog and social media.
  • Communication – In early communications with a lead in this persona, establish the amount and method of communication they can expect from you.
  • Values – Look at your ‘About Me’ sections on your website and social profiles. Make sure the qualities your customer values are present in these descriptions of yourself and your company.


The more specific your real estate buyer personas are, the more effective your marketing strategies can become. When you find out exactly what your ideal customers look for and value, you can stop wasting time and money on marketing that isn’t reaching them. Take some time to analyze your previous and current customers and fill out the buyer personas. A little bit of thought can have a big impact on how successful your marketing will be!