How To Generate Leads Through Digital Marketing?

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Quality lead generation is essential for every business. How good would it be if you can generate quality leads for your business without spending a LOT of money and effort? Well, we wanted to talk about some basic lead generation methods using digital marketing channels in this article. You might already know about most of them. But still reviewing all available options might spark an idea and help you manage your lead generation process well.


Your website is your primary digital channel for lead generation. The first thing you need to do to generate leads through digital marketing is set up a well-designed website with proper visual presentation and easy navigation. The website should be connecting and appealing to the people visiting your website. Check the imperative elements of a website that leads to lead generation.

Compelling Content

Although you succeed in driving the visitors to your website, you should be able to satisfy their needs to get a lead for your business. For that provide complete information about your business product/service and create awareness about your business to the visitors fulfilling their purpose. Create a compelling content on your website that is relevant and talks exclusively about your business or service, thus accomplishing the visitor’s intention. Provide content people need and make use of.

Optimized Landing Pages

A landing page is one crucial aspect that contributes massively in generating leads through digital marketing. Say, you are running an ‘online mobile store’ and got individual pages for every product. Assume that one of your customers was searching for ‘Apple iPhone 4S’, but he landed on ‘Samsung Galaxy 4S’. What action do you expect from your prospect? He would obviously skip the page immediately. Hence, you should have or create a targeted landing page that completes the goal of a visitor.

Lead Generation Forms

What do you think by looking at ‘Lead Generation Forms’? Just guess! Ok, it’s alright. They are call-to-action attributes that lure your website visitors to react. Create multiple forms on your website such as ‘Contact Us’, ‘Request a Quote’, ‘Register for Newsletters’ and so on to compel them to take an action. These forms create opportunities to generate leads for your business or service.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a process of developing a website or a web page visibility in the search engine result pages (SERPs). To get better visibility and gain website authority in search engines, you have to acquire few SEO factors that play an important role. Let’s see what they are.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foremost and important factor that determines the website visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It’s highly recommended to do strong keyword research and list out the targeted keywords that work and fetch results for your business. There are keyword research tools such as ‘Google Keyword Tool’ to research and finalize your business keywords.

Write Content That Matches Your Potential Keywords

Create content on your website using the keywords for what the people are actually searching. That’s the latest SEO! Do not just stuff your web pages with keywords. As you know search engines have become smarter now and they can understand the value of your content with various algorithms. Do not write for search engines but write for humans. If your website contains the relevant content related to the search, your website link will be shown on the top of the search results. This is practically proven and it works.

Call-to- Action Items on your Target Web Pages

Hello! Your website is not a museum (or) art gallery, right? You should make your users “do” something when they read your content. Make sure to highlight those call-to-action (CTA) items. You may have your contact page and all other contact details elsewhere. But they don’t matter as the people who are coming from search engines do not spend a lot of time on your website. People who came to your website through search have a specific question in their mind, they have a purpose. If your web page meets their criteria, they will be excited and look for an action item. It could be a link to contact you (or) a button to share or save (or) a link to a related resource.

Promote Your Content

Just publishing content on your website is not enough for better visibility. You should share your content on all possible places where ‘real’ people are there. Do not just blindly submit to Directories. Remember, only when your content is seen by real people and used it gets valued. Share it on your social networks, especially groups where it is relevant.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

When you talk about generating leads through digital marketing, PPC is a must integrated element of your digital marketing strategy. Because paid search advertising or PPC is one powerful and fast way to generate leads for your business that gains incredible visibility for your website. Have a glance at the role of PPC in lead generation.

Instant Results

As it’s in the name PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a paid advertising service for any business product or service that gives instant results for business Ads. However, there are some things to know about it before creating an advert for a product or service. Let us see what they are.

Identify Relevant Ad Networks for Your Business

Like humans, all networks are not same! Check for the relevant network for your specific business. There are many networks to advertise your business e.g. Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn. LinkedIn may not work for your fashion boutique promotion and Facebook may not work for your trading business! So, choose your network wisely and plan for your advertising.

Build Keyword List

Once you have identified and selected an advertising network for your business, the next step you have to follow is building or creating a keyword list relevant to your business or service.

Invest your efforts in keyword research and finalize the targeted keywords for your business using tools like ‘Google Keywords Tool’. Select the location (Country) in the tool, if your business target is a specific location. For instance, if your business is limited to ‘India’ then select the country in the location list. Then, Check the number of monthly global and local visits. Also, check the competition level for a particular keyword in Google, where you can see a specified number below the search box.

Repeat the same procedure for each keyword you like and make a list of keywords to be used for creating your business adverts. You will be utilizing these keywords to create your ad copy, target ads based on the keyword (Search and Display networks of Google Adwords, Bing etc)

Create Attractive Ads

This is the area where you can use all your creativity in creating the advertisements for your business. Create Ads of various kinds like ‘Text Ads’, ‘Image Ads’ and ‘Rich Media’. Here, ‘Rich Media Ads’ is creating attractive video Ads about your product or service. However, make sure that you use the targeted business keywords for your business to get desired results in terms of lead generation.

Set Your Targets

This is the important step to calculate the metrics of your business ‘Ads’ performance. Set targets for your Ads in terms of budget, demographics, time zones, networks, start and end date, devices impressions, clicks, and conversions. All the set targets will define the success of your Ads in the lead generation process.

Ad Landing Pages

Everything works only when you have a targeted and customized landing page. Create landing pages that are relevant to your ad. Because users who click on your ad just want to know what you have with respect to your advertisement. They don’t want to see how beautiful your home page is when you are advertising for a specific product/service.


Blogging is your content channel by virtue, where you could say, mention about anything from a business perspective and personal opinions to sharing knowledge. Moreover, it is a tremendous source that creates an opportunity to connect with your prospect audience. Let us look at it how blogging helps in generating a lead.

Create Content Relevant to Your Business

Create rich quality and fresh content on your blog that talks or share the information of your business product or service using targeted keywords. Besides, create content that has potential to provide the required information for which the visitor is looking for and compel them to come back again for more information.

Allure More Followers to Your Blog

In order to get followers to your blog, share your content all across the web through your acquaintances, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Remember to create appropriate landing pages on your website with social media sharing buttons. This creates an opportunity for your blog to appear on the networks of your website visitors, which compels them to visit your blog.

Encourage Users to Subscribe for Your Updates

Another way to get a lead generation is by encouraging your users to subscribe to your updates. Add an option on your blog page and ask users to enter their email address to subscribe for updates, where they get updates through emails regularly once you update your blog about your product or service. This keeps your users in touch with you consistently.

Encourage Users to Comment

Provide a comment box at the end of your blog content and allure them through interesting mentions at the end to comment on it. This helps you in getting their opinions and reviews so that you could make necessary changes in your product or service. Providing better product or service leads to generate a lead.

Active Comments Participation

In order to generate a lead, you need to maintain consistent engagement with the users or visitors of your blog. For that, make a habit of blog commenting participation by responding to the comments of your users. This enables you to build trust and relationship with your business.

Collect Contact Information of Your Users

Collect the contact information of your users by enticing them through offers like a free subscription, discounts on products/service, gift vouchers and so on. This attracts the visitors making them engage with you consistently that can convert them into a lead generation.

Maintaining various forms such as contact, offer and discussion kind of things on your blog pages will generate leads for your business or service.

Social Media Marketing

In this modern world, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest has become the communication tools with the potential to spread any kind of information across the globe within no time. Social media is one best tool with multi-dimensional features that offers immense lead generation opportunities for any business kind. Let’s check how to get lead generation through social media.

Drive People

Create ‘Business Pages’ on social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and drive people to the pages. Identify and start following your prospects. Let them know and create awareness about your business and gain more fans and followers for your business pages.

Share Valuable Content

Once you get the followers and fans for your business pages on social channels, start sharing your content consistently with them. Remember the content you share with them need to be valuable and helpful, hence share your website content on your business product/service consistently to create awareness. Sometimes you can also share the resourceful content from other websites.


Have you ever seen any highly engaged Facebook page? Why are people constantly liking their posts? Why do they comment on the posts? What is making them come back and check the pages on regular basis? People feel good when they are associated with brands and when they can communicate openly without any obstacles. And when many people are associated with your social channels and are actively participating in your conversation, there are high chances of them getting to know your products/services and thus there is an increased probability of generating leads. Don’t just engage but build relationships with your audience. Think about it!

Make People Contact You

Provide all your contact details such as email address, contact number and website domain in your social networking profiles. Encourage them to contact you through all possible channels to get more information about your service or business. Make people think of you when they are in need of a service/product you offer!

Our research shows that the social media management of many businesses is not at the desired level and it sucks! Don’t just be one of them.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is widely recommended as the best source to get connected with your subscribers, prospects, and customers. Here are few steps how to connect with them.

Effective Emails

Create effective email campaigns and newsletters with resourceful information about your product or service offers such as free registrations, discounts on products, free updates and so on.

Send to Relevant Prospects

Sending emails to all the recipients of an email database does not fulfill your desired objective. As a matter of fact, select appropriate and targeted prospects and send the emails to them, thus getting a response to your emails.

Landing Pages and Links

Create targeted and proper landing pages that are relevant to the content in the email campaigns or newsletters sent to your prospects or customers to entice them to take an action. Besides, provide links in the emails you send to the recipients and make it easy for them to visit your targeted landing pages on your website.

High Deliverability Platform

Usually, most of the emails sent by the email marketers to the recipients do not get delivered to their inbox. Choose the platforms that have high deliverability like globally known and branded ‘Amazon Simple Mail Service (SES)’ that has high deliverability attribute, so that your email campaigns and newsletters are delivered to your prospects.

Ideal Time

Sending emails at all times does not result in prolific results. Identify the relevant time for sending out emails for higher open rates. Probably you will understand the patterns after a couple of campaigns. But you can run a quick search to find the days/time when people you are targeting generally read emails.

Track and Analyze Results

Always track the performance of your email campaigns and newsletters and analyze the patterns to make key decisions.

Lead Management

Generating leads is not the end of the game! Managing them and converting them to your customers is. Use an effective system to track all your leads for higher results. There are many customer relationship management (CRM) systems to manage your sales process. You can simply start by using Zoho CRM.

Analyze and Qualify Your Leads

Analyze all the leads you have generated and review each of them by filtering based on your criteria. Make a list of your qualified leads among all the generated leads that are relevant and targeted to your business.

Identify Prospects

Among the qualified leads, identify the leads that are prospective for your business and start following up such leads until the sale is closed. Make sure to note your communication and follow-up tasks are associated with your lead records. Manage the data well as it could be helpful for your future campaigns.

Our Expertise

We have successfully generated required leads for our clients through all the above channels and have successfully setup a lead management system for them. If you are looking for a similar service, we may be able to help you!.

Do let us know what you think of this post! Share your feedback and suggestions and help us provide better information. Also, this is not the end and we will be in constant research to bring you more channels for lead generation. Stay tuned!!