Responsive Web Design: Ideal Practices and Advantages for Mobile SEO

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In the early stage of its existence, the website owners were reluctant perhaps did not adopt responsive web design for their mobile websites. On another side, using smartphones and mobile devices such as tablets and accessing the internet through such devices has experienced a huge hike all across the world. This compelled the business or website owners to latch on responsive web design to improve their business through mobile phones and mobile devices.

Moreover, they are craving now to adopt the best practices of responsive web design for their mobile websites and acquire its advantages to grow their business. If you are integrating SEO into your digital marketing strategies then having a mobile website is very important to enhance your business growth. This means that responsive web design is the best source to acquire for your mobile SEO.

Nevertheless, let us see why responsive web design is best for mobile and the best practices and advantages of mobile SEO.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a concept that displays a website or web page on all screen sizes irrespective of the devices from desktops to tablets by blending CSS, CSS3 and JavaScript instead of developing different sites for different devices.

Why is Responsive Web Design best for Mobile website?

  • Adopting responsive web design helps you in developing and customizing the websites instead of creating another website for a mobile platform.
  • Besides, you can save your time in developing and customizing a mobile website through CSS3 media queries.
  • Another reason is that you do not need to create multiple content pages for multiple web domains. In simple words, a single content and URL will be quite enough for the website on both mobile and desktop.

This is all about what a responsive web design is and why it is best for a mobile website. Further now, we will see the best practices of mobile SEO and its advantages that help in enhancing business growth through mobile phones and devices.

Ideal Practices for Mobile SEO

Responsive Web Design

Although we discussed responsive web design in the context of its meaning and its role in a mobile website, it is an essential and crucial factor of mobile website optimization. This plays a vital role in enabling your website to be flexible in terms of adjusting to screen site, moving the pictures around in order to provide the required information to the user easily, instead of scrolling down or upwards.

User Experience

One of the important things need to look at among the mobile SEO practices is user experience. Therefore, concentrate on helping your mobile users or visitors by providing the required information easily and quickly on your website. Ensure that your website loads fast on mobile, as the mobile users are interested in those websites that provide the information in specified dimensions of their mobile phones and devices. Additionally, it helps the search engines like Google to crawl your website content faster.

Focus on Short Keyphrases

Think about the people using Smartphones or tablets, as most of them use either touch-keypads or even the keypads that are tiny. They might not feel comfortable typing all the characters of a keyphrase or keyword. Moreover, most of the people are habituated to use the keyword suggestions offered by giant search engine Google, when they try to for some specific keywords.

This means that people usually type short keywords rather than the normal ones. Therefore, concentrate on short keywords or keyphrases to experience the visibility in mobile searches. As a suggestion, collect the keywords that Google suggests when you start digging for targeted keywords.

Local Searches

The number of people using smartphones and mobile devices to search for local information such as movie theaters, restaurants, resorts etc is growing rapidly. It’s obvious searching for particular information through desktops or laptops when you are at home, but when people are moving in cars will be searching for local information they are around. Therefore, you need to optimize your mobile website for local search as well, to find the local search information.

Social Media

Since most of the people are using their smartphones and other mobile devices for entertainment and to be in touch with their friends or acquaintances through social media networks, thanks to the amazing social apps available around. Therefore, ensure that your mobile website possess social media buttons on every web page and doing this will enable you to engage with your prospects leading to more exposure and traffic to your website.

Don’t you think the above points are really interesting and best practices of mobile SEO? You do, right! Awesome. Let’s now dive into the advantages of mobile SEO through responsive web design.

Advantages of Mobile SEO through Responsive Web Design

Reduces Bounce Rate

Usually, a bounce is defined as, when people or users visit your website through smartphones or mobile devices they are immediately taken back to the search engine result pages (SERPs). Due to which, Google will mark that website saying that your website may not provide the required information for the user looking out for, resulting in the downfall of your website rankings in Google.

While the website traffic through mobile devices is rapidly growing upwards, you need to optimize your mobile website. Possessing a responsive web design for your mobile website, you will be able to provide the required information to your mobile visitors no matter they visit through smartphone or tablet.

One Content and Website

Adopting responsive web design helps you in providing information to your visitors through desktops and tablets with one content and website. For instance, if you do not have responsive web design then you need to create different websites for mobile and desktop with different content pages for respective devices as well that makes your life tough in managing both the websites. At times, you may encounter the issues of duplicate content with two separate websites.

Therefore, responsive web design erases the barriers such as time constraints, updating content on different websites. The most important thing is that responsive web design prevents you from facing duplicate content issues, as you would have one website and content for both mobile and desktop websites.

Managing Campaigns

One remarkable advantage having a responsive web design is that you can run a single Ad campaign for both desktop and mobile website. Or else, you need to create two different Ad campaigns for desktops and mobile devices making a tough task to track the performance of both the devices in Google Analytics.

However, possessing responsive web design will make your life easy creating just one ad campaign that works all right on all kind of devices and screen sizes. Besides, you can also track both the campaigns individually.

Easy to Read

Having responsive web design will enable the visitors to find and read your website content without any challenges, unlike getting frustrated to access the website to read content or information that is not well optimized for mobile. There are also ways where you can transform your website into a mobile website through several plugins. However, you will not have the same experience you had with responsive web design. Therefore, ensure that your website has responsive web design and is well optimized for mobile.

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