SEO Factors to be Successful in Business

by | Apr 11, 2018 | blog | 0 comments

SEO experts have tasted bitter experience in the last year 2012, due to several rapid and radical changes that have been made in the industry through algorithms of giant search engine Google. There have been multiple ‘Panda updates’ somewhere around 13 and also new algorithm ‘Penguin’ was also introduced along with diminishing low-quality content and Exact Match Domains (EMDs).

However, we have to look at the things that were crushed down in 2012 and start questing for new trends and patterns to withstand in the industry and to be over the top of this year 2013. So, what are the things that we should adopt in order to exercise SEOdominantly to survive in the industry this year? Let’s dive into the topic and see what SEO factors should be adopted to control SEO in 2013.

Quality Content

Nonetheless, quality content would be playing its prominent role in gaining organic rankings in 2013, hence I recommend creating quality content for the reader rather than the search engines. The quality content could be weighed with the metrics of uniqueness, rich in information and helpfulness.

Diversified Content Marketing

Content marketing is one hell of a thing that plays important role in 2013. However, you have to face challenges in the process, as you have to produce more and more quality content and making sure that it has been published and spread all over. Adopting concrete content marketing strategies would gain you quality backlinks.

Authorship Ranking

This is one thing that determines author rank that has been debated a lot over in 2012 and has been playing a vital role in deciding SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Surprisingly, the research and studies are still in progress over its role. However, Author Rank seems to be an important thing for the webmasters in SEO 2013 that presents value and credit to your websites.

Social Network Signs

Social network signs have been predicted to be playing a vital role in the factors of rankings. It’s been recommended to accumulate as many as retweets, mentions, shares and +1s that contributes in gaining organic rankings.

Responsive Web Designing

Though it does not affect the page rankings, it definitely got its significance in terms of usability. Responsive web design will contribute to creating a web page that is adapted to any kind of screens, devices, and browsers.

However, this is my own opinion on the patterns that I feel would play a vital role in SEO 2013. Feel free to share your suggestions and the ways you feel might work, in the comments below.