SEO Services In Hyderabad! Look At This!

by | Apr 12, 2018 | blog | 0 comments

I was just checking the websites that are being shown up for the query, “seo services company hyderabad” in Google, just to see who all are there.

I was almost shocked to see the quality of the websites that are coming on the top of the results. Following is from a website which came in as the third in the result.

After seeing this and the other websites, I am getting a doubt whether Google really has updated its algorithm!

Why can’t the search engines develop an algorithm which can prevent this kind of crappy websites which are not at all for the users to read?

Some more creativity here!

Some Questions

1) Even if someone lands on their page, can’t they understand and find that the content is not making sense?

2) Is this the kind of service that they provide to their clients also?

3) Just coming at the top of the search results is everything? What about the user? Should they be treated as dumb people?

I really feel sorry for the companies and individuals who are falling into the trap of these so called “SEO Services”. According to me, bringing the visitor to the website is only 50% of the job, the remaining 50% is to make him or her do the intended task.

SEO Guys, Grow up! Do some thinking!