The Role of Web Design in Digital Marketing Process

by | Apr 11, 2018 | blog | 0 comments

In the era of digital technology, a company’s web design is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to connect with customers directly and at the same time, at a personal level. A website is the most convenient tool to market your business and to communicate with old and new clients. The web design needs to maintain the balance among web standards, quality content, presentation methods and most importantly connecting your business and web presence.

Apart from providing a channel for communication, and attracting and informing customers about products and services that you offer, your website can also be a platform for purchasing items. Thus, the design of your website stipulates thorough consideration, utmost abilities and should give you maximum output. To help you with this process, we have highlighted the major points that will work in your favor.

Compelling Headline

The first thing a visitor will notice is your website’s headline. You have no more a few seconds to create a solid impact with it. A simple, clear-cut headline that highlights the main advantage of the customer purchasing or even trying out your service/product needs to be crafted. The headline can also have customer feedbacks displaying for a few seconds or even the latest offers that your company has in store. Remember to keep it short and simple.

Get a Design Team

Hire a good web-designer that understands your brand, its focal points and most importantly your projection of your company’s website. An appealing design with a clear navigation system will make the visitors stay on your website longer and also find their path easily. A confusing website with a haphazard design is just revolting and will not be able to gain even a few seconds of the visitor’s time and attention.


The quality of content is essential and needs the hardwork of able content writers. An appealing design will make the visitors hang on, which is when your content comes into play. Great content with clear information about your company and its products/services needs to be used. Using difficult words just to show how sophisticated you are isn’t going to work. Simple and effective use of vocabulary is required.

Be Concise

Landing pages ( eg: Sign up forms) that required minimal information have proven to result in more registrations than lengthy forms with 20 or more questions. Including the option of checking out, after a purchase, as a guest has also proven to result in customers returning to order/purchase again.

The overall organization of the content on the website should be logical and to the point, and this along with an attractive web design will help your digital marketing process to reach its ultimate goals better.