Top Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies

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Lead generation is simultaneously perhaps one of the most important and one of the most difficult parts of real estate business. You need leads to sustain sales, but where are they supposed to come from?

With the marketing atmosphere getting more and more difficult, it can be unclear for a realtor to identify where and how to generate leads that convert.

Here are few typical real estate lead generation strategies to guide you through the options and ensure your marketing create an unbeatable ROI.

Target Your Audience

The first step in any effective marketing campaign is figuring out exactly who your customers are. After all, you don’t want to waste your time creating content for someone who isn’t the right fit for your business. For example, if your real estate business is located in Vijayawada, sharing a post on Facebook about real estate trends going on in Hyderabad, that weekend doesn’t do you much good. It’s your job to be a local expert, not an all-around one. A great way to determine your ideal customer is by filling out a customer persona form. Once it’s done, save it to your desktop so you can keep that person in mind when working on your marketing. When it comes to leads, we want quality, not just quantity. Tailored content can help accomplish that.

Targeting Tip: Base your customer personas on past clients.

Real Estate Video Marketing Strategy

Real estate lead generation with video lets you nurture relationships and increase search engine rankings. Individuals do business with people they know or think they know. Video gives people the sign that they know you.

Video can be an influential tool to reach the audience with the message you want to deliver, which drives them to your product or service. We are in a visual world. We have to nourish into that society to get the preferred results for which we are looking.

Real estate videos are a better way to generate more leads and construct trust driven relationships in your society.

Video for SEO

Video is not only popular with audiences, but also with all search engines like Google, Bing etc. When a video is produced correctly, and the suitable steps are included in the video like keyword strategies, relevant content and calls to action, the search engines will index them.

Pay-Per-Click with video can also be the best choice. The video stands out on the page. Hence, if you have to pay to have your video promoted, this can be a win to win situation when controlled properly. But with any pay-per-click campaign, you should be hands on. Set exact budgets, wisely choose the target audience you want to see your video over demographic targeting, and be sure your video is set correctly with the right keywords.

Real Estate Drone Video

The extensive shots and drone video footage make this walkthrough attractive. Whereas you certainly will not have the budget and time to make a video like this for all listings, you can use few angles and concepts in your upcoming video.

Real Estate Property Video Walkthrough Tour

The video tour is the best example of how you can include close-up shots with panoramic views. There is a huge contrast amongst shots and the video creates a good study for new realtors looking to become improved at shooting video.

Marketing the Real Estate Videos

The major thing to remember when creating these videos is to market them. You need to promote these videos actively until they have over 100 plus views. Here are some ideas to do that:

1. Marketing Automation Tools for Your Real Estate Videos:

These tools will assist you to post your video on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. This sharing is the best way to get your videos off the ground.

2. Use Facebook Marketing:

You can frequently find few groups on Facebook that are related to these local areas. By embedding your YouTube real estate video on a lead capture website and posting the link in these few groups. This would get you quality views within no time. Don’t be scared to repost the link there every month. Because different individuals will see it each time.

3. YouTube:

YouTube Commenting is one more great strategy to link up your real estate videos. You can incorporate comments on other local real estate videos linking back to yours. Make sure to include helpful instructions when commenting so it doesn’t come off as SPAM.

4. Pinterest:

Pinterest is another great way to get your videos viewed. Simply copy your YouTube real estate video URL and paste it on Pinterest. Pinterest will find the thumbnail and you will be able to pin your video.

Tools to Capture More Real Estate Leads

Driving traffic to your real estate website is a huge task, and 90 percent and more of the website visitors bounce. That’s a big source of available leads that you can mine, if you have got the proper tool set. Increasing the number of opt-in methods on your website will also increase the number of visitors that fill out your forms and switch into a lead.

Here are few tools to help convert visitors into leads:


Pop-ups normally convert about around 5-10 percent of visitors all by themselves. Few people don’t think that pop-ups are correct for their website. However, if you want a 5-10 percent boost in leads, this is the easiest way to do it.

Best solution:
SumoMe originates a range of tools that are easy to install, and this tool is free. To get started, it’s the best tool set to add to any real estate website to the growth of your conversions right away.

Calls to Action

By using calls to action in your content while visitors are reading through your blog is another win to boost conversions. On average, these convert extra 1 to 2 percent of visitors coming in through your blog.

Best solution:
Call to Action is a WordPress plugin that comes with readymade templates that look suitable and don’t confuse the reader from the content while increasing your conversion rate.

Sidebar Offers

Here is extra quick win you may be seen on almost every website you’ve visited. A sidebar widget can switch another 1 to 2 percent or more of visitors into leads.

Best solution:
Simple Subscribe is a free simple sidebar opt-in box which you can add to your WordPress site that acquires the job done.

Top Bar Offers

Top bar offers are not always practical in terms of conversion because frequently people ignore them. Though, what’s great about them is that they are not very disturbing and on average still convert around 1 percent of visitors into leads.

Best solution:
Hello Bar is a free tool that allows you test different colors, copywriting and few other material on your top bar of the website that all contribute to attaining higher conversions.

End-of-content opt-ins

When someone is done reading your blog post, if they like it, that’s the second they’re most likely to opt in. It’s always a great idea to have an opt-in box where your website visitors can subscribe at the bottom of every single post. These will convert, on average, extra 1 to 2 percent of your website visitors into leads.

Best solution:
Optin Forms is a free app, and have paid features also. You can efficiently use the plug-in without upgrading and only upgrade when it’s necessary.

Socialize in Facebook and Twitter

Social networking is the thing to do on the Internet these days, for young and old alike. No matter who you’ve targeted with your customer personas, odds are, they’re on social media. Because sites like Facebook and Twitter are so readily accessible to everyone and it’s free, they’re fantastic places for you to market your business. Sharing content from your website is an especially great way for you to bring in traffic and, ultimately, leads. Whenever you write a blog post, have a great new listing to show off, or would like to spread the word about one of your helpful article, let your followers know about it. If the content is helpful and interesting, they’ll likely share it, which increases your exposure exponentially.

Show Your Value Using Content

Content is king. No matter what service you’re offering, no matter how great you are at your job, and no matter how fabulous your listings are, if you don’t have the content in place to convince people of all of those things, they don’t matter. Especially when trying to increase the number of leads you’re generating, the content you offer is what draws them to you in the first place. It can make or break you. By writing helpful and interesting blog posts, offering free eBook downloads, and providing the answers on your site that customers are seeking, you can become a virtual one-stop-shop for all things real estate in your area.

Content Tip: Write down the questions you get asked most frequently and create content that answers them.

Virtual Reality (VR) in Real Estate Business

Real estate business quickly jumped on the trend with a change of available software to make VR experiences to help sell properties. The possibilities for VR ads are infinite such as 2D, 3D, 360 degree and as straight up virtual reality experiences. So this is where it becomes interesting for the real estate marketing world because it is also likely to make these ads interactive for the customer.

Some of the possibilities with these new ads types for the real estate marketing world

  • 3D ads could focus the floor plans.
  • 360 degree ads highlight the panoramic sights a community offers.
  • VR Ads could give you a tour of the community starting with the sense of arrival, amenities, walking trails and more.

Beyond all the performance metrics we would expect to see improvements from we also believe potential buyers would be left with a stronger first impression which is much harder to measure quantitatively. In order for us to make this possible, marketing teams are going to need stronger creative format assets and we speculate this to take time given how we have seen real estate technology adopted in the past.

However, some exciting developments are being released by Google with their Android operating system to improve the VR, AR and 3D imaging. With all the possibilities it is an exciting time to be following the growth of the VR industry, particularly how it will affect the digital advertising platforms.

As it stands, the rich and famous already have access to this technology. Luxury homes can be toured through an immersive virtual reality experience.

These kinds of marketing maintenance tasks will always be a thing, but that’s no reason to ignore the tech developments like the virtual reality that can easy become an agent’s new best friend.

Imagine being able to sit down with a client and show them a property on the spot or to show them their dream home in a building that is still being developed.

Market leaders in real estate business are seeing positive ROIs from using VR:

Give Real Estate Tours

Real estate businesses can cut transportation costs, the inconvenience of travelling and time-consuming open houses by providing potential buyers a virtual tour of a property instead. Prospects can discover a home or commercial property from the ease of a real estate office, touring various properties as they want in minutes. They can take their time and revisit favorite sites without time limits. More than one prospect can experience a private property tour at the same time.

Design without Limitations

The construction business is using VR to assist in the design and building phases, and creating three-dimensional mock-ups of what the property will look like and get a sense of the building before the real estate construction company ever breaks ground. VR can eliminate the need for difficult, costly, and time-consuming physical models.

These digital experiences enable many related applications in the real estate business. VR lets businesses give customers a more hands-on testing experience in short time without wasting resources.

Paid Advertising

Running pay-per-click (PPC) ads and other advertising campaigns can be a fantastic addition to your inbound marketing efforts. Google AdWords is a popular option for businesses both small and large when implementing a PPC campaign. Facebook has grown leaps and bounds in the advertising world, offering inexpensive space to anyone and everyone who wants to market their business. Highly customizable and simple to target, Facebook for Business is quickly becoming a leading destination for paid advertising. Virtually everyone is on it. You can’t go wrong here.

Advertising Tip: Find a piece of content on your site that has gotten good response to offer through ads.

Retargeting to Generate More Real Estate Leads

Retargeting is an active tool to boost your website conversions. Counting on your setup, it will typically be an inexpensive marketing channel.

So how do you use retargeting for real estate business?

1. Listings

This idea has multiple advantages. First, you’ll be able to use retargeting to market your listings. This can be a chance to essentially impress your clients. Showing them the impressions alone is sufficient to get them motivated. Your information will likely show thousands of individuals who saw the ad for their home.

Don’t simply stop at showing impressions, display the sites their home has been highlighted on as well.

2. Buyer Leads

One of the major reasons people visit your website is to search the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). A huge percentage of these visits probably bail before you acquire their information.

Create banner ads which can promote searching homes in your area. Once they are ready to resume their home search, chances are high that they’ll go back to your website and speculate their information.

3. Seller Leads

If you surely want to get smart, phase your visitors. For example, the visitors that read your sell pages and do not firstly convert can be retargeted separately.

Build ads with headlines like as what’s my home price, secured sell programs, free marketing research or downloadable study content and send them to landing pages exact to the ad.

4. Increase Visit-to-Lead Conversion Rate

The idea behind retargeting is to get visitors back to your website in the chance of converting them. Demonstrate your retargeting ads to visitors that did not firstly convert. Make sure to get rid of them from your retargeting list once they have become a lead.

Create detailed landing pages for your ads. Keep the pages with good content and include a form. Remember, these are visitors who already visited your site before. If they came back due to your retargeting, they are more likely to convert. Make it simple for them to become a lead and limit their navigation choices.

5. Branding

One of the advantages that get trickier to live success is branding. Ensure your ads focus your brand as well. Include your website logo and your website URL written out. Seeing your advert over and over can beat them over the top with your brand. Retargeting is a great choice for branding and makes it hard to forget you.

Host Contests through Social Media

Hosting contests on your social media accounts is a great way to get people interacting with you and your site. You don’t need to give away anything extravagant or expensive, it just has to be something they’ll want. If you’re talented with interior design, you could offer up a free home staging advice session for a seller. Whatever it is, put your talents to work and get your name out there. Create a landing page on your site where people that want to enter the contest can submit their information after clicking the link on your social media. Then, add them to a drip email campaign. Now you’ve got leads you know are interested in your services that you can keep in touch with and nurture into choosing you, whether they win the contest or not.

Contest Tip: Use your customer personas to determine what you could offer that would be valued.

Prove it with Testimonials

Word of mouth is awesome, but it’s not enough. You need to move those positive comments onto the web if you want to see more results. Your past clients can only tell people they actually know about how great you are if they’re just talking about it. But if they move them onto online business directories, anyone and everyone has access to them. Create accounts on various sites like Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Yelp, etc., and ask happy customers to leave their comments there. It’s a simple and easy way to spread the word, and it’s great for your SEO, too.

Testimonial Tip: Ask for testimonials when your clients are at the most positive point of the buying/selling process.

Create User-Friendly Website

Consumers expect a website that’s easy to use. They don’t want to have to search for what they want or struggle to find the answers they need. Your site needs to be designed in such a way that anyone who visits can navigate it without any extra thought or effort. Be sure to have tabs along the top that organize your content and dropdowns from which they can select. Having a spot where they can search listings right on your homepage is a great option, too. Remember, as soon as your site seems too complicated or disorganized, visitors leave without ever giving you their contact info. One of the most important things to do is make sure your site is mobile-responsive. Not only do search engines check this feature when deciding where to rank your site, potential customers look for it, too, often without even realizing it. Mobile usage has officially surpassed desktop usage, globally. If your site is difficult or impossible to use on a phone or tablet, people will leave it to find one that’s mobile-friendly. This is no longer an option. Having an outdated site is costing you leads.

Website Tip: Think about your own online habits when deciding on the design of your website.

Additional Tools to Make Your Real Estate Website Rank Highly in Google

Here we are focusing on on-site ranking factors, which implies changes you’ll build to your website to assist it to rank better on Google. There’s also off-site factors, which implies obtaining your business listed in directories and linked on alternative websites. We’ll get more into this at the tip of this series.

Here are 3 quick steps you should be taking to help boost your rank:

1. Setup Google Webmaster And Submit Your Sitemap

This free service can check your website for any errors which will have an effect on your ranking. It’s fairly straightforward to setup and may prevent you from making any huge mistakes.

2. Build a Google Plus Page For Your Business

Sure, it’s not a really widespread social network. However having a profile for your business makes a large impact on your Google search rankings.

3. Setup Google Analytics

This provides you much insight concerning however your website is performing, which includes your number of visitors, how many pages they are viewing, how long they are spending time on each page, how they found your website and many other features. Just like the alternative tools, it’s totally free to set up.


In real estate it is important that you’re always generating new valuable leads to keep your business on the path to success. Make sure that your real estate marketing activities are all targeted exactly to your audience and create value that they cannot find elsewhere.