Top Tips To Increase Conversion Rate On Landing Pages

by | Apr 11, 2018 | blog | 0 comments

In this current competitive marketing world the agile online marketers are adopting an array of marketing strategies to acquire audience. Website landing pages play an important role in interacting and engaging with the audience. The objective of a landing page is to convert the website traffic into sales.

Most importantly, landing page performs a vital role in generating leads and healthy ROI. If a landing page is created poorly then it results in high bounce rate and low conversions for your business.

How to create a potential landing page to improve conversions for a business?

Here we go

Understand Business Objectives and Audience

Before creating a landing page you need to first understand your business objectives and audience. You have to know what you want to achieve through your landing page.

Ex: Leads, sales, awareness etc.

Also, you need to understand your audience who will be visiting your landing page and what will they be looking for. This helps you in creating a landing page that provides the answers to your audience and offer pleasant user experience.

Create Relevant and Targeted Content

Producing relevant and targeted content play a key role in setting up a landing page. You will not be able to make your audience stay on the webpage unless you provide your audience with the relevant content and information for what they are looking for. The landing page content should be linked up to your PPC campaigns, anchor texts, organic SERPs and other advertising methods of generating traffic.

The headline should be aligned with your content, advertisement and even the intention of your visiting audience. Therefore, create a clear and concise headline that catches the eye of your visitors.

Avoid Clutters on Landing Page

Making your visitors spend more time on the landing page increases the chances of converting them to your customers. It is suggested to avoid or minimize the clutter like unnecessary navigating internal pages, banners that distract your visitors away from seeing the intended content. Only redirect visitors to other pages if it is unavoidable. Keep in mind that the minimal unwanted website navigation the more chances of gaining your audience.

Landing Page for Multiple Visitor Segments

Create multiple landing pages for multiple visitor segments and generate traffic through various sources. For example, a home page of a website is an ideal landing page for your first time visitors which introduce them to your product or service.

But, if you desire for better results with extended elements then you need to create another landing page. Create multiple landing pages for specific products or services which will enhance the conversion rate. In a way, this also helps you in measuring the effectiveness of your visitor or marketing segment.

Ensure Call to Action on Landing Page

You need to have clear call to action (CTA) elements on your landing page that compels the users to take an action once they land on it. Ensure the call to action is clear and visible for the users without any difficulty. For instance, add a button ‘Download your free eBook’ in case of offering a free eBook. Customize your call to action button or add an indication that explains what happens once the visitor takes an action.

Offer Freebies and Incentives

Giving away freebies or incentives for a call to action is a powerful method of conversion. Deploying this method will help you in motivating your audience to take an action. But ensure it has an accurate information or description that says about what the user or visitor will get when they take an action.

The above discussed strategies are my own opinions which I believe would be helpful in creating effective landing pages to increase conversion rate. I would like you to share your insights about the factors you think will be helpful in creating landing pages.