Why is Social Media Important For Your Businesses?

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Almost every business has a Facebook page, and some have no idea what to do with it

Posting and sharing frequently can be a repetitive task, especially when you can’t directly measure the effect it has on your sales. This raises a common and fair question: “Why is social media important for business?”

A direct increase in leads and customers is the goal of all marketing efforts. This can be accomplished and measured using social media marketing.

The following are some of the benefits of Social Media Marketing that I feel have to be considered by businesses over time while choosing their Digital Marketing Strategy.

Real-time Communication

A major social media benefit is the interactions you can have with customers in real-time. Having an ongoing conversation with your following “potential clients” constantly keeps your message in their mind.

Reduced Costs

If properly implemented, social initiatives can help reduce costs. Social media provides businesses with the means to increase customer service, saving costs and increasing customer satisfaction. It also helps companies increase brand awareness and spread information quickly and widely to an extended network of peers.

Social Credibility

Social media gives brands social credibility. If an article you write or a page you create has hundreds of shares or likes, it is social proof that your content is something people enjoy.

Each social share is a vote. And each vote builds the case that your content is worth viewing. This helps your content rank higher in search results and builds credibility, giving others a great reason to engage with your brand.

Increased Traffic

Posting content that links back to your website is a great way to drive visitors to your business site. Once you post something on a social media channel, it hangs around until you delete it.

A link to your content on your business website posted a year ago will most likely still be relevant for some of your audience today. This content will compound on itself over time, generating steady increase in website traffic as you post more information.

By using free tools like Google Anayltics, you can directly measure how much traffic you generate to your website through social media. This will show you which social channels your customers hang out on, which is where you should focus your content efforts.

Using more advanced analytic tools like Hubspot can show you exactly which posts are generating traffic and how much of that traffic directly converts into leads and customers on your site.

Still Not Sure If Social Media Is Important for Your Business?

Let the numbers speak for themselves (Source: Salesforce Marketing Cloud)

  • LinkedIn: 50% of B2B companies have acquired at least one customer through LinkedIn.
  • Facebook: 49% of consumers connect with brands on Facebook and 51% of Facebook fans are more likely to buy from the brands the fan likes.
  • Twitter: 53% of companies generate quality leads through Twitter.

Comparing Social Media with Traditional Media

So, why is social media becoming as important, if not more important, than traditional media? Traditional media, as in newspapers and television programs, is still a popular and viable forum for advertising and impacting consumer behavior. But, the reason why social media is becoming more and more important for a business is the ongoing, worldwide conversation through social networks. With social media, consumers and businesses are more informed with real-time information and continuous social feedback, making informed decisions and fewer mistakes in their decisions.

Make Social Media Work For Your Company

Social media can be a powerful business-generating tool (or a total waste of time!). If performed correctly, social media marketing can measurably increase leads and sales.

It can also establish your brand as a credible resource for interesting and useful information. So it is crucial for businesses to find the right Social Media Marketing partner to do things the right way.