Company Profile

Sweet is a full-service Digital Marketing firm founded by Chiranjeevi Maddala. The idea behind starting this firm was to help businesses, especially small businesses to market their services and products in a more simpler way by leveraging all the relevant digital channels.

An experience of more than 18 years in managing the digital properties and online marketing activities gave us a solid background to form this company. Our process-based approach and original thinking capabilities make us think about our customer’s business much deeper and provide a customized solution to meet their business objectives.

Our solid understanding of basic principles of marketing and our ability to adapt to the latest changes make us stand above the rest. We aim to bring much bigger value for each marketing dollar spent in terms of higher brand visibility, sales and engagement. We understand the needs of our customers and create a strategy to help them achieve a bigger success with their business.

Sweet currently provides Digital Marketing services to its global customers. We formulate customized strategies for all of our customers as we believe that each business is different and needs special attention to make the process successful. Our team contains knowledgeable people who have strong basics in serving the customers. Our processes make each one of us feel like a customer service representative with customer first attitude.

Along with the services we are working on to develop few products to help our customers automate the marketing process for better control and reduced time and efforts.