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PPC Advertising

Are you getting enough leads from your PPC advertising campaigns? Are your landing pages converting the visitors to your customers?

Google Adwords, PPC Services in Hyderabad

PPC advertising or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) has been a robust marketing strategy for online or offline business, in order to produce faster leads through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This helps you in achieving your desired goals swiftly; unlike the free or natural search rankings that take longer time (months) to get desired results.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising is a process of creating ‘Ads’ using targeted keywords relevant to a business or service. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo offer auctions on the ads based on the bids for the keywords and their relevancy to the ads in the database. The user would be landed on a particular detail page of a product or service, once he/she clicks on a particular ad. As a result, the advertiser or website owner would be charged a specific amount, per each click for that particular ‘Ad’. This advertising method is used in order to get prominent exposure on the search result pages (SERPs) quickly.

Types of PPC Ads

There are different types of paid search advertising's that yield prolific results for your business (product/service). Check out the various types of paid search advertising's below.

1) Text Ads: This is one type of paid search advertising's, where you could create a ‘Text Ad’ through links using the targeted keywords of your product/service. Once you click on the link, you would be taken to the targeted product or service page, based on the ad created.

2) Image or Graphic Ads: This is one of the popular method, where you could create an image of your product or service that lands the user on the desired page, once they click on the image.

3) Video Ads: These could get your product or service viral that could catch the attention of your targeted audience. You could shoot a short film depicting your product or service and place it on the sources like Youtube or even you could create television ads based on your business requirements and the budget.

4) Audio Ads: This has become an emerging advertising resource that not only adds value to the business owners or advertisers but also to the listeners. You could create voice ads or audio ads talking about your business details. Radio, FM and online audio streamlines are the places to spread your audio ads.

5) Mobile Ads: In the recent past, the usage of internet on mobile phones is rapidly inclining and the advertisers are working out hard to reach their targeted prospects. However, you need to cope up the challenges of your website visibility on higher end smart phones like iPhone or Blackberry.

Activities Involved

It is easy to start a campaign in Google AdWords, but it requires domain experience and technical expertise to effectively make people click on your website and turn them into buying customer. If you are new to PPC, then chances are that you will end up burning a big hole in your credit card.

So for PPC advertising, leave it to experts because a good PPC management service provider could help you save at least 20-30% of your monthly ad spend over time. At SWEET Digital, we look into every aspects of your business before starting any PPC campaign. This way you will be able to maximize efficiency and ROI.

At SWEET Digital, each PPC campaign goes through a great number of tasks, including:

  • Setting Goals
  • Developing Effective PPC Strategy
  • Google AdWords Account Setup
  • Defining Campaigns and Ad Groups
  • Keyword Research (Profitable keywords as well as negative keywords)
  • Ad Copy Writing (Text, Display, Product Listing, Remarketing, & Others)
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Ad optimization
  • Location and Audience Targeting
  • Setting Budget (Daily, Weekly or Monthly)
  • Bid Management
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • PPC Monitoring
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Campaign Testing and Optimization
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Click Fraud Reporting

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

With decades of experience in creating and managing PPC campaigns, SWEET can assure you the best PPC advertising management for your brand promotion. Our choice of keywords, highly effective ad copy and creatives, best in class targeting techniques, superior bid management skills will help you achieve more better results with your PPC advertising campaigns.

We will be happy to help you achieve more results with your PPC campaigns. Contact us Today! You can also talk to one of our Certified Adwords Professional on 040-60124499