Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation software reduces the manual work that is required to manage your digital marketing campaigns, list management, lead scoring, lead nurturing and email marketing by automating the workflows with intelligent processes.

Marketing Automation also eliminates the clutter in your marketing process, keeps your marketing data in a centralized location, and saves your time and efforts.

Using the right marketing automation software can increase your lead conversions and decrease your marketing costs.

How Marketing Automation Works

With Marketing Automation software, you can track lead activity effectively across the channels. It gives you a unified view of all your lead activities at one place, which can help you make decisions, and direct relevant content, which makes your prospect to move ahead in the buyer journey towards a profitable action. Following are the fundamental building blocks of a Marketing Automation System.

Lead Capturing

Lead capturing is an important aspect of marketing automation, which allows you to acquire and track new customers from a variety of opt-in sources such as contact forms, landing pages, email campaigns, etc. It is easy to build a lead capturing page and start driving traffic to it, but marketing automation helps in creating better and high-performance landing pages that are designed especially for gathering leads and generating future sales. It will even help you in A/B testing, measuring, analyzing, interpreting and improving the effectiveness of lead generation process for better ROI.

Lead Scoring

After setting up an effective lead capturing system, you can attract high volumes of leads but how can you determine which lead is high quality and should be followed up. Enter lead scoring, the best way of assigning a ranking to each prospect based on their information, behavior, web activity, interest, buying intentions or any other actions assigned by you. The more the lead score, the more the lead is qualified and sales-ready – allowing the sales team to act immediately on hot leads. The lead scoring model will increase the effectiveness of marketing and sales team in any organization whether they are B2C or B2B.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is an integral part of the sales funnel, which keeps the potential prospects engaged with your brand and product by providing highly relevant content on a consistent basis. With marketing automation, you can nurture leads automatically by building relationships, trust and strong brand loyalty with your prospects, personalizing communication and increasing customer engagement as well as conversions. Simple and focused lead nurturing strategies will help your non-sales ready prospects into active buyers.

Lead Activity Tracking

Tracking activity of each lead is important in sales process because the more you know about your prospects, the better the chances of accelerating your sales process. Marketing automation tracks the activities of leads by setting cookies in their browsers and allows you to:

  • Capture leads in real time
  • Track prospects behavior from website visits, links clicked, email opens, contact forms and landing pages
  • Knowing which marketing campaign’s leads are engaging and converting best
  • Recognize and alert hot leads to sales team by identifying visit intensity, frequency, and duration
  • Helps you to understand the interest of your target audience

Benefits of Marketing Automation for Small and Medium Businesses

Marketing automation can be a powerful tool for small and medium businesses to run complex campaigns automatically that are cost-effective and successful. Some of the benefits of marketing automation are:

  • Saves your time
  • Saves you money
  • Allows you to reach each and every prospect
  • Gathers intelligence about potential customers
  • Allows you to personalize marketing
  • Generate high-quality leads
  • Improves your lead conversion
  • Provides a unified customer profile
  • Allows an individual to single-handedly execute complex campaigns
  • Speed up your sales process
  • Build relationship and trust
  • Manage multiple marketing channels from single dashboard
  • Automated reports for understanding your campaign’s performance
  • Improves productivity
  • Increases revenue and ROI

Sweet’s Marketing Automation Services

Sweet Digital helps small and medium businesses to improve their lead management process for achieving better revenues and ROI from their marketing campaigns. We use industry’s leading marketing automation tools for executing client’s marketing campaign. Our marketing automation solutions cover all the important aspects of the digital marketing process, including:

  • Marketing Automation strategy
  • Prospect Identification
  • Lead Capturing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Qualification
  • Lead Activity Tracking
  • List Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Campaign Analysis

Start Automating Your Marketing Today

When executed properly, marketing automation will not only gather information about your prospects, but also convert non-sales ready prospects into active and delightful customers. So, contact us now to know more about our marketing automation services. We will help you make a decision whether an automated marketing solution