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Search Engine Optimization

We provide professional SEO services. Our approach to SEO is different and it brings results!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in a search engine's natural search results. Search engines crawl your website, assess the content on your website and accordingly index your web pages in their database. When a user searches for a term, it pulls out the websites (web pages) from the databse in the order of relevancy. Basically the search engines want to help the users with most relevant and popular content.

As you know the webpages that are on the top of the list are generally visited by the user. Ofcourse it also depends on the type and need of the user. We at SWEET have learned the basics of search engines and we follow standard procedures to optimize a website for indexing for the selected keywords. The process starts with analyzing the website's content structure. We structure all possible content elements into meaningful groups, brainstorm for the keywords and prepare a list of all possible keywords. Then we use the keyword suggestion tools to check the terms mostly used by the users and update the keywords list.

We closely follow the method of Bruce Clay in organizing the content into silos. Each silo contains at least 5 pages inside it to become the thick source of content for the selected keyword. Once the keyword structure is finalized, we start writing the content and then start optimizing it to maintain the required density of the keyword. All through the process we keep in mind that we do not loose the relevancy of the content for the user when we optimize for the search engine. In other words, users come first for us before the search engines. We believe that when we optimize the content to great experience for the user, the search engines will automatically give value for our content.

We also make sure that the internal linking and meta tags for the web pages are properly set to make each page completely optimized. Once the website is built with all the required elements, we thoroughly check the code of the website to make sure that it is validated through the W3C validators. Because we know that search engines do not like crappy code.

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