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It’s no hidden secret today, that most of the buying and selling is happening through the internet. We all know the significance of search engine results & its intrinsic worth for the product or service providers if their company is listed on top of the search engine results.

As the majority of the companies ending up on the first page of search engine also end up with a maximum number of leads or sales in return, SEO has become the only solace for companies to have better lead generation capability.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in a search engine’s natural search results. Search engines crawl your website, assess the content on your website and accordingly index your web pages in their database. When a user searches for a term, it pulls out the websites (web pages) from the database in the order of relevancy.

We at Sweet Digital have always kept abreast of the changes happening in the search engine algorithms and we strictly adhere to the standard operating procedures to optimize a website for indexing the selected keywords. A gist of the process is given below:

Keyword Research

After auditing the health of the client’s present digital properties, we brainstorm for the keywords and prepare a list of all possible keywords. Then we use the keyword suggestion tools to check the terms mostly used by the users and update the keywords list.

Website Content Optimization

Once the keyword research is over, we start writing the content and then start optimizing it to maintain the required density of the keyword. All through the process, we keep in mind that we do not lose the relevancy of the content for the user when we optimize for the search engine.

We follow the method of Bruce Clay in organizing the content into silos. Each silo contains at least 5 pages inside it to become the thick source of content for the selected keyword.

On page factors optimization

We also make sure the on-page factors like internal linking, Meta tags, description, images, etc.. are optimized for the web pages. Once the website is built with all the required elements, we thoroughly check the code of the website to make sure that it is validated through the W3C validators.

Off Page factors optimization

Off Page factors optimization is required for better visibility on the internet and search engine results page (SERP) some of them could be social media engagement, bookmarking sites, article submissions, Bog directories, video submissions, etc…

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