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Digital Marketing For Real Estate

Real Estate Digital Marketing
The boom of real estate industry across the globe is compelling the real estate agencies and marketers to withstand the competition and thrive for growth in the industry. Moreover, the buyers and sellers have also been searching their requirements online. This has made the real estate agencies and marketers to look out for new marketing strategies as per the market changing trends.

Along with the properties you build in physical world, you also need to build digital properties to showcase your property’s features and benefits for your target buyer who is making a decision. There are various phases in the real estate purchase cycle of a buyer. How you present your business in those different phases will impact the sales for your real estate property.

Following are some of the many activities that we do for your real estate property promotion in the digital world.


Your website is your real digital hub that drives your customers towards you. Also, this is the place where your potential customers experience the property. Build a website which entices the potential customers and makes them contact you.

We at SWEET Digital Marketing Agency always ensure to create a website for our real estate clients that demonstrates their unique specialities and build facilities for people to contact them online.

Social Media Channels

Having your social media channels talk about the property helps your potential customers know regular updates on your property, helps you to reach more audience because of the engagement resulting in more enquiries.

Social media channels or networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ are the right platforms to make the announcement about any offers, merchandise and various kinds of promotions. Additionally, this helps you in multiple ways like showcasing your expertise, interacting and engaging with your clients providing them with information and provides referrals from your existing customer base.

Engaging with your prospects and customers is the best way to not only share your knowledge about your products or services, but also current trends and innovations of the industry.

SWEET with its experience and potential social media experts has achieved prolific results in terms of generating referral traffic to our clients’ websites and instilled trust in their customers towards them.

Mobile Websites

This is one of the essential digital marketing factors that play a vital role in marketing your real estate business. Major portion of the globe has witnessed the skyrocketing way of using smartphones and moreover it has been predicted that within next 18 months, the website traffic through smartphones and mobile devices like tablets will surpass the website traffic generated through desktops.

Therefore, it has become foremost thing for the real estate marketers to cater the best version of their website when a user visits their website through a smartphone or a tablet. Be vigilant and make sure that you have got a well designed and resourceful mobile website for your website visitors. Because, as per a study by Google sixty one percent (61%) of visitors will leave a mobile website if they do not get the information right away for what they are looking.

SWEET is known for getting updated the knowledge of new technologies as per the latest trends to its website designers. Our website designers who are capable of building websites on all the devices from desktops and laptops to smartphones and mobile devices like tablets, have been successful in making mobile websites for our clients. Most importantly, we are proud to say that we are successful in creating mobile websites based on the fruitful results produced by our clients.


Setting up a blog for real estate and blogging is one of the best marketing ideas need to adopt, which provides you multiple purposes like generating traffic to your website. Make sure that you use the targeted keywords that are mostly used by your prospects for searching. Also, make you blog appear interesting, resourceful and entertaining so that the people likes it and visit your website again and again.

Additionally, it also serves the potential sellers with the information thus making them to contact your real estate agency, while it caters the content that is shared on social media channels by the people helping in advertising your real estate business.

We possess the history of creating many potential blogs and successful blogging for our clients that experienced the inflow of desired website traffic for their businesses. In fact, it’s no different in case of our real estate clients as well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As your primary goal will be occupying the top pages for your business in search engines, strive to get the visibility for your website in the search engine result pages (SERPs). In order to get that possess a perfect website that is well optimized in terms of targeted keywords with appropriate URL structure and most importantly SEO friendly site structure. Because, vendors will also be searching online for potential agents to sell their property or house.

We at SWEET achieved the goals for our clients in terms of getting website visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our prolific team of SEO experts is capable of creating SEO friendly website with perfect URL structure and relevant and targeted keywords.

Paid Search

Paid search is an immediate way to get visibility in search engines. You can avail the paid search services through major search engines such as Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter. Make a list of your targeted keywords and create customer segments and test various ‘Advert’ versions to find out your business message that drives traffic to your website effectively.

The paid search advertising team of experts at SWEET has produced prolific results for our real estate clients by creating attractive and successful adverts. Moreover, we do enormous research for targeted keywords and create variety of adverts for our clients to achieve their business objectives and gain better ROI.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is an economical resource or tool for you to stretch out for large prospects. It enables you to scatter your business message with less investment to broader prospects. Creating a unique video or an online advert can be a fruitful attempt in letting out your business message or brand.

SWEET always feels proud of their creative team that creates awesome videos ensuring the requirements and objectives of our clients. We have produced high Return on Investment (ROI) for our clients through video marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is widely considered as one of the best resources to engage with your prospects and customers and enhance your online business. Therefore, create variety of campaigns and newsletters that are relevant to your business or service, provided with potential content and attractive images along with call-to-action attributes.

Moreover, email marketing helps you in focusing on your targeted audience based on age, gender and location thus leading them to convert into your potential customers. Share fun and resourceful information with your prospects and customers to build relationship with them that can convert them into your repeated audience.

SWEET as one of the best email marketing companies possess potential team that creates email campaigns that engages and inspires the customers to make an action. With our email marketing strategies we have been successful in achieving the goals for our clients.

Local Listings

Local listing is one way to utilize and get the utmost advantage to attract more audience towards your business or service. Submit your real estate website to the local listings like Google, Yahoo, Bing and several other directories that are used by local audience to find businesses, directions and maps.

We have submitted in reputed local listing sites and potential directories and experienced successful results, thus earning the admirations from our clients.

Market Places

You can market your real estate business through market place sites, which provide the buyers with a properties list based on their specifications such as price, location and so on. In order to market your real estate business online submit your website to the market place sites like Yahoo! Real Estate, Trulia, Oodle, Realtor.com, Enormo etc.

This is what we did and have been doing for our clients submitting their real estate websites in renowned market place sites and gaining website exposure and website visitors for our clients.

Online Brochures

While getting the information of a particular product or service online is inclining, the demand for online brochures has also been growing significantly. So, create online brochures with attractive templates and provide them in custom sizes, colors and folds. Additionally, provide price quotes and online proofs online which offers you more exposure to your targeted prospects in getting new business customers.

At SWEET we create and design attractive online brochures for our clients with the required information that is helpful for the buyers.

Online Classifieds

Online classifieds are also one of the marketing sources where you could market your real estate business. Create adverts relevant to your real estate business and post them on various online classifieds that offers you the opportunities of getting awesome deals. You can promote your real estate business on online classifieds such as makaan.com, Google classifieds, Quikr etc.

We have been successful in promoting our clients through online classifieds and created successful opportunities in getting amazing deals. We have promoted them in famous online classifieds.

Offer Something to Buyers

Its obvious that the buyers expect something without paying anything. Therefore, the retailers and businesses understood and started offering freebies and special give aways. You can offer few things even to your buyers like bags with your business logos, wallets, pens with your business name and so on. This can attract your customers and can turn them into your return customers.

We at SWEET work on analyzing the buyers’ expectations and create various strategies for our clients to offer special deals that attract the buyers towards them.

We would love to help you improve your real estate property sales through all possible digital marketing channels. Contact us Today!