Real Estate Digital Marketing

Sell More Properties in Less Time

Over the past few decades, there has been a remarkable boom in the real estate industry globally and in particular the Indian housing industry has shown a very strong growth rate. With rapid urbanization, banks have started offering easy home loan options to boost the real estate sector in India. It is certainly a fact that, there are many of us who would want to purchase their dream homes over living in a rented house.

Urbanization not only means increased cover of residential towers and gated communities but also implies rapid growth in other avenues like retail, hospitality, and commercials which largely address the country’s infrastructural requirements. As we all know a growth in the country’s Real Estate scenario can always boost the GDP of a country. With the industry growing so rapidly, it is essential for the business to digitalize in order to stay at par with the current trend.

Let’s Take a Look at the Numbers


92% of home buyers use online services at some point of their home search


89% of all home buyers use their mobile devices to do their home search.


83% of all home buyers look for virtual view before visiting the property.


YouTube accounts for 51% of online video home research usage


70% of home shoppers toured the inside of a home through online videos


Real estate related searches on Google grew 253% over the past four years

How Can Digitalization Help?

Digital Marketing has many aspects and it is very important for you to understand what will fit you best based on your business model and targeted audience. Incorporating following digital marketing techniques into your marketing strategies will help you the reach your targeted audience helping them know about your brand better and find details about all your projects at one place without much hassle.

  • Content Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing

Pain Points of Real Estate Industry

After having invested a lot of money in the projects it’s more important for the realtors to sell them off with a reasonable margin. The real issue surfaces now as to how to market them to the target audience. Some of the difficulties which realtors face while marketing their respective projects are:

Not Able To Generate Enough Leads

Generating high-quality leads is the major requirement in the real estate digital marketing process. This has been the biggest issue which forces real estate promoters to invest more in the traditional marketing processes.

Bad Data Management. Missing Follow-ups

In most of the cases, if a company can centralize the available data and utilize it for timely promotions, it can generate qualified leads. Follow-up at the right time through the right mode of communication can result in a sale.

Inappropriate Usage of Channels, Content, and Budgets

Using the right channel to reach your target audience is the most important strategy for any marketing plan. Spending your budget inefficiently and not targeting your audience with the content they are willing to see decreases the efficiency of the entire campaign.

Less Conversion Ratio

Though you are able to drive large amounts of traffic to your digital platforms, if the conversion ratio is not at the required level, it won’t help you achieve your goals. 

Less Organic Traffic. Spending More on Paid Methods

There should be a proper mix of owned, paid and earned media for the promotion of your property. Just focusing on paid strategies and ignoring organic or earned media lead to more problems.

Sweet Digital Can Fix All the Above-Mentioned Problems!

We have a proven track record in improving the sales and leads online for our real estate clients. Our prime intent is to make clients meet their marketing objectives with innovative campaigns & optimized spending.

Our team of digital marketing experts understand your sales requirement and based on your target audience will help you plan a marketing strategy that will increase your brand visibility on all the social media platforms. We will optimize your website content to get better search engines results simultaneously run organic and PPC campaigns targeting your potential audience ultimately aiming more sales. With over 18 years of industry experience, Sweet Digital is the perfect partner for your first step towards digitalization of your business.

How Are We Different?

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