Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is the title offered to the qualified accountants in the United States of accounting and finance industry. The role or responsibility of a CPA includes a financial audit, public accounting and so on. Besides, they also play the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and CEO in several corporate sectors.

There are multiple challenges such as the ability to get new clients and retain existing clients as well confronted by CPAs in the due course of their marketing process irrespective of online and offline. Moreover, the role of CPA is changing in this day and age and is expected to be multi-faceted by adopting the qualities such as rapidly growing technology, increasing significant results kind of things. This gives the clear view of the CPAs role in achieving marketing objectives for an organization or industry.

Considering the above CPA challenges we chalked out few digital marketing strategies that can help CPAs to overcome their challenges and emerge successful in generating desired results.

Create a Simple CPA Website

With the vast usage of internet, most of the people prefer to search the required information online and it’s obvious your targeted clients also search for an accountant through the internet. Therefore, a website is essential for a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or firm to appear in front of the eyes of your prospect client. Ensure your website is the one that offers a visual treat, appealing rather than being a complicated one.

Here are few steps to design your CPA website –

  • Choose a simple template and build on it
  • Pick the relevant template designed for accountants rather than of different industry like technology or entertainment
  • Avoid boasting of your website using too much of flash that can backfire at you
  • Do not use heavy multimedia that takes a long time to load and demand large bandwidth

Think how would it be if your prospects are unable to find the required information due to abundant graphics, videos, and other elements. They will get annoyed and leave your site and head towards your competitor resulting in losing your potential audience. It’s undeniable that designing a CPA website with minimal elements to provide information is pretty difficult but it helps you to be an outstanding accountant or firm from your competitors.

Set up a Blog to Boost Your Website Traffic

Setting up a blog on your website is a significant factor of digital marketing strategies that creates the opportunity to drive more traffic to your site. Update your website with the posts and informative content regularly.

Check out few tips for you to blog to gain more website traffic.

  • Determine the time to write and publishing frequency of your posts as per your business requirement
  • Take up the task of writing blogs by yourself if required
  • Ensure posting the blogs about the topics which you know about that makes you an expert
  • Encourage the readers to comment on your blog posts
  • Make you blog the ideal resource to build relationship and prospect network for your business

Once you start publishing posts on your blog, ensure also optimizing your blog content from time to time to get more website traffic. How to optimize the blog content?

  • Write blog posts for your targeted clients ensuring the usage of keywords
  • Keep it conversational
  • Concentrate on long keywords with 2 to 3 phrases rather than going for specific keyword that have high competition
  • Focus on the factors that are considered by search engines that create opportunity to increase website traffic

Advantages of Optimizing Blog Content

  • More chances of getting indexed in Google compared to the content that has been for years
  • Your prospect audience will get better opportunity to reach relevant content they are looking for
  • Enables search engines to present your website to relevant and appropriate clients
  • It gives the opinion to your clients that your website is the best source of valuable information

Search Engine Optimization

Certified Public Accountant and accounting firm are a multi-facet industry with an array of services such as Tax Services, Wealth Management, Audit consultation, Exit planning, etc. Therefore it’s essential to have a content strategy for every service that draws relevant traffic to your website. For that SEO is the best resource in carving a content strategy.

Here are the tips of SEO that offers potential traffic for every service on your website.

  • Do keywords research and finalize the keyword list through ‘Google Keywords Tool’ for every service
    Example: Audit Consulting, Audit Consultant, Audit Consultation Service
  • Think as if you are a customer while doing research keywords and ensure choosing the keywords that are most likely used by the people
  • Create quality and relevant content using the finalized keywords for accounting service on your website

Once the content strategy through SEO process is done on your CPA website, the keywords will land the user on the relevant page when someone types a particular keyword in search engines to get an information. This will help in driving relevant traffic to your website that can most likely convert them into your customer.

Leverage Social Media Networks

It’s very unfortunate that CPA and accounting firms consider social media is not the right source for their industry. But with the kind of complications being experienced by several clients and businesses, there is an increase in sharing their experiences and opinions online and they are taking social media channels as a medium.

So, it makes sense of having social media profiles for your CPA or accounting firm on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Ensure engaging consistently with your clients by updating on social channels about your current working plans, challenges you are facing and how you overcame the hurdles. Besides, you will gain authority in your niche if you succeed in helping your online community.

Let’s take Twitter as an instance –

  • Share resourceful content about your specialty if you are good at retaining existing clients or providing employee benefits
  • Tweet about your status like if you are attending a meeting to talk about your upcoming plans

Email Marketing

The three key elements of marketing are Lead Generation, Follow-up and Website Traffic. Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing sources to engage with your targeted clients. As you have your customer database you can personalize your email or campaign about your clients telling that they are more than of your marketing ROI. For instance, you can send a shopping coupon or a gift voucher.

Here are few more guidelines for your effective email marketing

Show Value to Your Customer

Show your customers that you value and are interested in them. Also, you can show how you could provide service to them. This definitely works vice-versa as your customers will get interested in you resulting in your business success. For example, you can share the information about the service you and your company has provided and your forthcoming products or service that suits them.


It’s a global known thing in marketing that gaining the trust of a new client is tougher to gain the trust of your existing clients for years. Tighten your efforts in building a relationship with your targeted clients by communicating with them regularly. Ask questions about your service product and collect the opinions and feedback that helps you in coming up with a new product or service or at least making changes accordingly.

Send Reminders

Sending reminders to your clients will show them that you care about them and are always there for them. For example, you can send them reminders about the due date of their payments, or get ready the checklist of documents to claim for tax filing. Also, you can send some tips and suggestions that offer help or educate your client.

Mobile Marketing

The importance of mobile in online marketing is growing rapidly with increasing numbers of smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Mobile marketing can be a favorable resource for CPA and accounting firms but desktops are in fact yield good results in accessing online applications rather than the mobile devices and smartphones. The reason is that mobile devices may be pertinent to more issues due to upgrading apps.

In order to overcome such issues create a common app that works on both the desktops and mobiles as well. Also, it is suggested to make your website mobile friendly using website templates with larger icons which help you in engaging your client through any kind of device.

To benefit from a mobile friendly website for your CPA and accounting firm here are few mobile marketing tips.

SMS (Short-Message-Service)

SMS is considered as the best mobile advertising channel to reach put your targeted clients. Emphasizing the statement, a study reads that SMS are read by the people within or around 4 minutes once they receive it on their mobile phones creating more chances of conversions. You can send text messages about your product or service or a typical short code consisting 5 to 6 digits provided by the mobile service providers or operators. For instance, sending an SMS with free registration option to get tax filing checklist and tips.

MMS (Multi Media Message)

A multimedia message can have different formats such as video, audio clips and images as well. Most of the business brands use MMS to send their content to their prospects through mobile operators. For example, you can send a short video talking about your business or product through MMS

These are few of the mobile marketing strategies as there are multiple mobile marketing methods like location-based-services, QR Codes, etc that can be adopted based on your business or product.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click is the best way to attain quick leads for any business. As it reads by the name it is a paid advertising service that helps in generating incredible visibility for your CPA and accounting firm website. There are few things to be considered before creating an Ad campaign foCPA and accounting.

Ad Network

Find relevant Ad network for your CPA website as there various advertising service providers such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Bing. Check and determine the ad network you feel would be helpful for your business marketing and work for you better.

Targeted Keywords List

Build targeted and relevant keyword list for your accounting business by doing keyword research through ‘Google Keywords Tool’. Remember to select the location in order to check the monthly visits locally and globally, if you are targeting your business at a particular location. Example: Select the name of the country from the drop-down list if you are targeting only in the UK.

Create Attractive Adverts

Once you got the list of your business targeted keywords; create attractive Ads with call-to-action attributes (Register Now, Buy Now, Etc). You can create different types of Ads like ‘Text Ads’ and ‘Image Ads’ with an appealing description using the keywords.

Landing Pages

In order to have success with your Ad campaigns, you need to create a targeted and customized landing page that is relevant to your ads. The landing page should be a resourceful source by providing the complete information through quality content.

For instance, if a visitor has landed on a page after clicking the ad for ‘Tax Filing Consultant’, it should provide the information about tax filing, about the consultant and the process that helps the reader or visitor to go for tax filing easily after reading it. Also, it should compel the reader to make an action like going for tax filing on your website through the landing page.

These are few factors of digital marketing that I feel would work for CPA and accounting firm to market their business online. Leave your comments about the discussion in the comments below.