What is PPC Campaign?

PPC Campaign is usually known as cost per click which is an online advertising tool used to create advertisements to drive traffic to the website by paying some amount to the Google when somebody clicked on the ad.

Pay per click is mostly associated with top search engines like Google and Bing Ads. It is a method of purchasing visits to your website when there is no traffic for your site. It is one of the most commonly used ways in these days to increase visitors and traffic to your site. The primary purpose of pay per click is to generate a click or lead. Search engine advertising is the most famous type of advertising in pay per click advertising.

Pay per click is auction types where you can create ads and make bids by using different keywords. When someone types the keyword which you have bided for information on the search bar, the related ads will be displayed on the search results page. Higher bids have more chance to be on the top of the results page.

When we type digital marketing crash course in Google, we can see the results where the first four results are ads. Those ads were created by someone who is running campaigns, and when we click on those ads, it will directly take the landing page of the website. The person or agency who is running the pay per click campaign has to pay money to the Google for displaying the ads. Whenever the ad is clicked, the search engine will get paid.

Advertisement rank on the search engine page was also affected by the quality score and bid amount. Quality score depends upon certain factors like ad relevance, landing page experience, expected CTR

(Click Through Rate), Expected Impact of Ad Extensions or Formats.

For leading a successful PPC campaign, one has to be more focused on choosing correct keywords and using them correctly and setting the appropriate landing page where clicks can be converted into conversions. Search engines also help the advertisers who run appropriate and well-targeted campaigns by charging them the lower amount of clicks. If your drive provides more information to the customers and fulfilling their requirements, then Google may charge less amount for click and also offers more benefits to your business.

So running a campaign is not a big deal but running it the right way is essential.

Optimization Tips

As said earlier setting up of a PPC campaign and running it is not a big deal. Reaching the goals established for the campaign and to recover the investment spend on the campaign is important. This can be applied only when a lead is converted into a sale. For all this to have happened, we have to optimize the campaign regularly. We have to know how the campaign works and make necessary changes to it to reach the goals, and recover the investment and do increase the sales.

For Optimization of PPC campaign, we have to follow few tips. They are:

Build Your AdWords Account with Proper Structure

It is crucial to building an AdWords account with good structure and planning. Before running the PPC campaign only we have to know the purpose of the campaign so that we can use the relevant keywords and can create relevant ads. We should also focus on how many related keywords are in the ad group, how many ads are there in the ad group and how consistent the keywords are to the ads in that. We should avoid using the pay per click campaign for multiple products and services, use of irrelevant keywords to the ads in the campaign and creating more ads in the ad group. A well-structured AdWords should use descriptive names for the ad groups and campaigns, targeting on product category and service only by using relevant keywords and it should not contain more than five ads in each ad group.

Understanding the Need and Purpose

The first and foremost important tip for optimization of PPC campaign is to understand the need and the purpose of the campaign. We have to know the complete details of clients business, products, and services. Before starting the campaign only we have to know what client exactly wants, whether he intends to increase the sales or just want to communicate the information about the products and services to prospects. Based on his needs only we can fix the target audience correctly. Based on this only we can use appropriate keywords and can create correct ad copies. Make sure to have predefined goals like branding, conversions and leads to your PPC campaign.

There is no strategy without goals, and there is no optimization without the plan.

Use of Appropriate and High-Performance Keywords

For running a successful campaign one has to focus on keywords. Keywords play an important role for displaying our ads on search results page. We can find the appropriate keywords or most searched keyword with the help of Google AdWords. So that we can use those keywords in our pay per click campaign. There is no limit in using of keywords we can use as many numbers of similar keywords or most searched keywords in the campaign. For using the appropriate keyword, we can also check the competitor’s website too for reference. We have to update the keyword list by proper and relevant keywords regularly. We can do this by checking the number of impressions for that keyword. It is essential to refine the list of keywords for optimizing the PPC campaign.

Creating Specific Landing Page

Landing page plays a crucial role in PPC campaign. The person who clicks on the ad will direct to the landing page. It means it is going to create the first impression for the individual about our website and us. So it should be designed in a well-structured manner and not only that it should contain the information about the product or services what the person is looking for. If the customer finds the information that he is looking for he will stay there and if the individual does not see any related information he will just leave from there. So it is necessary to provide all the information that the customer is looking and should also have formed there to turn the person into the lead. The lead generation depends on the landing page. If the landing page is not right, then bounce rate may also increase.

Build Negative Keyword List

As you know that relevant keywords play a significant role in PPC campaign, negative keywords also play a vital role in running PPC campaign.  It will increase the cost without productivity. So it is essential to identify the irrelevant keyword for which our ads are displaying and make those keywords as negative keywords so that our ads will not be shown for those keywords which will help to reduce the cost. We can identify negative keywords in Google AdWords. We need to spend more time on managing negative keywords list than identifying more relevant keywords.

Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions play a significant role in PPC campaign. Extensions include site links, callouts, structured snippets and call extensions. While creating an ad, it is also necessary to add these extensions to the ads to generate more leads. These extensions will give extra information for what we are saying, and by these extensions, only the text ad will look like a complete ad.

Use of Dimensions

Dimensions are one of the valuable tool provided by Google AdWords to the marketers. It offers a lot of options to the marketer to review the performance of the ads in the campaign. We can get data of the persons who viewed our ad and who clicked our ad. We can get data based on conversions, labels, time, top movers, geographic, user locations, search items, etc. By this we can get the data and based on that, we can optimize the pay per click campaign for getting better results.

Optimizing Campaign Settings

Campaign settings play a significant role in generating the leads through the PPC campaign. We have to be very careful while doing settings for the campaign. Settings were depended upon the business goals. Based on your target market only our campaign should target locations, languages, devices which are relevant to our business. We should also be careful while allocating the budget, scheduling of ads and bid options. If anything goes wrong, it may lead to wastage of our campaign budget.

Pause the Keywords with Poor Performance

If the keyword which you are using is not performing well and if it is not getting any impressions and clicks you can pause that keyword. Instead of that keyword, you may use other keyword or keywords. But how can you find the Keyword which is not performing well? Well, we can find that in Google AdWords. We can check the performance of keywords. Before pausing it to do necessary exercise to see the performance. It will be good to pause a keyword if it is not performing well from a long time. Give some time to keywords before pausing them.

Optimize Ads and Create New Ads

Creating relevant ads is also essential for running a successful pay per click campaign. After the creation of ads and the campaign has started one has to check which ad is performing well and which ad is not performing well, i.e., fails to get clicks and leads. The ads which are not performing well can be edited, or we can create new ads. If we want to build a new ad, then pause the previous ad and use the new ad so that we can save the budget and also save the data. Optimization of ads will give good results to the campaign.

These are some of the tips for optimization of PPC campaign, and there are much more tips by which you can optimize your pay per click campaign and get better results.